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Best Car Stereos To Purchase In 2022

Want to purchase a stereo for your car? Here are the 7 best car stereos you can buy right now. You must decide what matters most to you in order to choose the best car stereos. Some individuals concentrate on power, while others pay attention to networking and design. We considered connection, height, stereo connections, steering wheel control compatibility, screen, and value-added options before selecting our nominees.

After identifying whether your car can fit a single-DIN or double-DIN car radio, you must think about compatibility. This refers to how you acquire media or link your smart gadgets to your automobile. You should also think about safety systems like steering-wheel controls, as well as if the display can be customized or whether the car stereo receiver natively supports managing apps.

The 7 Best Car Stereos

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The best car stereos are a must-have for every driver. If you want to put in new audio in your car, this is particularly the case. Selecting the proper car stereo might be challenging because there are so many incredible models available.

As a result, we conducted all the research for you. This guide will explain some of the top car stereos available and assist you in selecting the finest one for your car.

1. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car Stereo

No matter how old everyone is, long vehicle trips require plenty of amusement to keep things going. We have selected the BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player as our Honorable Mention because frequent travellers would consider it to be the best car radio with aux and Bluetooth options. The 6.2-inch screen of this double-DIN car audio receiver comes with a variety of multimedia capabilities, Wireless connectivity, and technologies to increase driving safety.

We appreciate the variety of media sources available on this double din car stereo. These include tangible choices like CDs, DVDs, and 32GB SD memory cards. While waiting, you can select to add media wirelessly utilizing Bluetooth compatibility, an auxiliary input, or USB.

Additionally, the USB port powers devices. Additionally, you’ll receive pre-amp outputs so you can further alter your sound system. Furthermore, the backseat passengers have additional control thanks to the remote. Additionally, the receiver can be linked with backup car cameras for added safety, and steering wheel functions are enabled. The most enjoyable and useful automotive additions are car stereos.


  • Best double-DIN value
  • consists of a USB charging port
  • Contains a remote


  • You cannot change the display colors.

2. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Car Stereo

turned-on black vehicle 2-DIN stereo

Using digital media settings from other companies can be unpleasant if you’re deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem. With our Top Pick, Pioneer lessens the discomfort. For someone who is prepared to change their car communication device to something that is more like swiping through their phone, the AVH-1300NEX Multimedia DVD Receiver is a wise choice. Because it enables Apple’s CarPlay and has so many features, we think this is the greatest double-DIN car audio for iPhone users.

You’ll appreciate the five-screen colors’ customizability and the LED backlighting. The display is 6.2 inches large and has touchscreen functionality. Additionally, we appreciate that it supports Bluetooth and can connect with two devices at once. A DVD player and native compatibility for SiriusXM, Pandora, and Spotify are also included. For greater safety, station memory includes steering wheel settings and vehicle backup cameras, and it enables quick access to your favorite programs. The greatest automobile subwoofer will make this sound fantastic.


  • Good for iPhone
  • consists of a DVD player
  • Integration of backup cameras in vehicles 


  • Expensive

3. ATOTO A6 Double-DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

There shouldn’t just be car audio receivers designed just for iPhone owners. Although it supports iPhones, the ATOTO A6 Double-DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth was designed from the bottom up to accommodate Mobile devices. Since it was created utilizing the Android Marshmallow operating system and includes a large number of media and transportation apps already pre-installed, including Pandora, Play Store, Spotify, and Google Maps, we believe it to be among the best car stereo receivers for Android users. 

The EasyConnect app also facilitates pairing between your devices. Because of these significant aspects or highlights, we also submitted it for Best Quality.

To Android users can connect their gadgets via USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi to this car audio receiver. Multiple phones can pair at once thanks to the dual Bluetooth architecture. This receiver’s compatibility for Micro USB and SD disk storage, with 256GB for Micro SD and 1 terabyte for USB, is something we enjoy. With a seven-inch width, this receiver also has the biggest touchscreen in our manual.


  • Suitable for Android
  • Second-largest screen: 7″
  • Pre-installed navigation and multimedia applications


  • A different steering wheel controller

4. Sony MEX-N4200BT Single-DIN In-Dash Car Stereo

The automobile audio receivers we have mentioned thus far are double-DIN types. All of those options won’t matter if your stereo receiver is a single-DIN model, though. Although the Sony MEX-N4200BT doesn’t have a touchscreen as double-DIN versions can, it is still one of the top single-DIN car radio options available because it is inexpensive and filled with features.

We appreciate that this model has a CD player, Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary connectivity, offering you a wide range of media source possibilities. Multiple devices may pair with each other continuously thanks to dual Bluetooth connectivity, and the constructed microphone enables hands-free calling for greater safety.


  • The best single-DIN
  • A detachable theft-prevention faceplate
  • Compatible USB & Bluetooth links


  • Is not touch-screen

5. JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo

black and silver car stereo

Nothing is worse than going to your automobile in the morning only to discover that it has been broken into. You could be annoyed if you own a double-DIN stereo because the majority of double-DIN stereo receivers aren’t made with detachable faceplates. However, the JVC KWR930BT is among the few. As a result, we believe that the JVC model is one of the top double-DIN car stereos with anti-theft features.

We appreciate that this is the only dual car audio with personalization features in addition to theft prevention. Although it doesn’t have a touchpad, you can still adjust two distinct color zones and 50 pre-programmed patterns to suit your attitude or to fit the dash button colors and lighting system in your car. Although it has a CD player, this model also works with SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

In addition to Bluetooth-enabled phone calls, Bluetooth also allows for hands-free driving. Additionally, you have the choice to manage your receiver using the exclusive JVC Remote App. The greatest car alarm is all about making your automobile safe, which is as enjoyable as listening to loud music.


  • The top double-DIN anti-theft system
  • Compatible steering wheel controls
  • An adjustable faceplate


  • The touchscreen is not functional

6. Kenwood Bluetooth Car Stereo Stereo

You might glance at audio specifications before reading any other reviews if the sound quality means important to you. One of the best single-DIN vehicle stereos for folks who are power-focused, in our opinion, is the Kenwood Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver. It is the most potent single-DIN product available with an RMS rating of 22. However, it provides so much more, such as anti-theft security with a detachable faceplate.

We enjoy the single-DIN variant’s dual Bluetooth connectivity, which enables simultaneous connection with two systems. But you’ll also appreciate that this receiver works well with Amazon Alexa and has Spotify and Pandora support. If you’d rather connect via wire, there are also front USB and auxiliary ports.


  • The strongest single-DIN
  • Additionally, a USB port
  • Includes earbuds from Alphasonik


  • No CD player

7. Alpine CDE-172BT Car Stereo

black and brown car stereo

Although it doesn’t have as many functions as most of the other single-DIN vehicle audio receivers in our roundup, the Alpine CDE-172BT is a great option for someone who doesn’t need all of that functionality. We appreciate that it’s interoperable with Android and Apple devices, has a CD player, and enables Bluetooth connectivity despite being more expensive than the other single-DIN options.

You may make hands-free calls and view your contacts’ phone books. Furthermore, this receiver supports Siri, so you won’t need your phone. There are numerous media source possibilities available thanks to the front USB port and auxiliary inputs. After all, the best cars have incredible stereos.


  • Compatible with Apple and Android
  • A CD player;
  • Bluetooth compatibility


  • The priciest single-DIN

Considering the Most Important Factors Before Making The Purchase

The most important things to think about when buying a car stereo are the features and functionality you want, how much you’re willing to spend, and whether you want a head unit or an aftermarket deck.


Individuals like to incorporate their smartphones into their vehicles these days. When you can simply sync your phone with your car’s sound system, it makes it much easier to do everything, whether you’re listening to music or using your phone’s mapping apps for navigation. While using a USB cord to sync is sufficient for some, others might prefer Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Suitability (single-DIN vs double-DIN)

As with other purchases, you should always confirm that the car radio you’re considering is compatible with the one you already own in terms of size and wiring support. In either a single-DIN or double-DIN dash aperture, the majority of car stereo receivers are made to fit. Single-DIN openings are seven by two inches whereas double-DIN openings are seven by four inches. It might not be possible to ascertain whether the size is appropriate for your automobile automatically, even though all aftermarket radio systems mention their size as either single- or double-DIN.


The typical car audio purchaser only wants to update their stereo receiver, so the factory-installed compressor and channels are more than adequate for their needs. But if you’re a real audiophile, you might want to give your car’s audio system a total makeover. If this sounds pretty similar, you should think about the amount of energy your speakers are capable of handling. And for that, it’s necessary to validate the RMS, a number that indicates how much constant power speakers can handle.

Input Stereo Interface

You’ll just need an interface that’s simple to get because you’ll probably be driving with the audio on. Even though you should always be cautious when driving, features like large on-screen buttons and larger fonts can assist to cut down on interruptions. While touchscreen car stereos are perfect for this, you should also be aware of the actual buttons and knobs. Each of them must be simple to operate, with a satisfying hand feel and quick movement.

Support for Steering Wheel Controls

The factory audio system, track selection, and source can all be controlled directly from the steering wheel in the majority of more recent cars from the previous ten or so years. This is excellent since it lowers the possibility of distractions. When shopping for new car audio, be sure to check for models that can accommodate this crucial function. However, bear in mind that this feature can make you choose more expensive models or necessitate the purchase of a wiring harness in order to include those functions into your new vehicle’s audio.

Display and Screen Size

Screen size and price often go hand in hand. If you desire a touchscreen display, these typically come in bigger sizes but can be more expensive. There is typically a trade-off for consumers on a strict budget between touchscreen and traditional buttons or knobs. The screens on these devices tend to be smaller and have less functionality for single touches, despite the fact that they are less expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I consider upgrading my car stereo in 2022?

Upgrading your car stereo in 2022 can provide you with the latest audio technology, improved sound quality, better connectivity options, and enhanced user experience.

What are the key features to look for in a car stereo?

Key features to consider include compatibility with your vehicle, touchscreen display quality, smartphone integration, audio sources (like AM/FM, Bluetooth, and streaming apps), sound customization options, and ease of installation.

What are the benefits of having a touchscreen car stereo?

A touchscreen car stereo offers a user-friendly interface for controlling various functions, including audio settings, navigation, and smartphone integration. It can provide a modern and sleek look to your car’s dashboard.

What is smartphone integration, and why is it important in car stereos?

Smartphone integration allows you to connect your smartphone to the car stereo, enabling features like hands-free calling, music streaming, navigation, and access to apps. It’s important for convenience and safety.

Can I install a new car stereo myself, or should I seek professional installation?

While some people with DIY skills can install a car stereo, it’s often recommended to have it professionally installed to ensure proper connections and functionality, especially if your vehicle’s wiring is complex.

Final Words

The best car stereos for the money offer advances in Bluetooth compatibility, car playback background noise reduction, and increased subwoofer volume. It’s true that you can’t take the car stereo out of your vehicle if you opt for a factory system, but you can add an aftermarket unit that offers more choices of speakers and better sound quality. It’s all about your listening preferences.

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