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The Best Paint For Interior Car Plastic: Get A Professional Finish In No Time!

The interior of a car is not just about comfort, but it is also about style. Over time, plastic parts of the car interior can become worn out, discolored, and damaged. You can solve this problem by repainting the plastic parts with the best paint for interior car plastic. With the right paint, you can achieve a professional finish on your car that looks brand new. The best paint for interior car plastic is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Moreover, it enhances the appearance of the car’s interior with style. Using the best paint for interior car plastic is essential as it can ensure long-lasting results and save you money in the long run. With the right paint and simple tools, you can transform your car’s interior and give it a new look. Fortunately, many options are available in the market, but it can be confusing to choose the right one. 

This article lists the best paint for interior plastic car interiors based on extensive research to make your decision easier. Let’s get started.

What To Look Before Buying Best Paint For Interior Car Plastic?

When looking for the best paint for interior car plastic, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best results.

  • First and foremost, durability and long-lasting performance are key factors to look for. You want a paint that can withstand daily wear and tear and resist cracking, peeling, and fading over time. 
  • Additionally, looking for a UV protection formula is essential to prevent the paint from being damaged by the sun’s harmful rays.
  • A glossy finish is also desirable, as it gives your car’s interior a professional, sleek look. 
  • To ensure an even and easy application, you should look for paint with a better performing spray.
  • All-weather suitability is another key factor to consider. To avoid inconvenience, the paint should be able to endure high and low temperatures, as well as dry quickly.
  • In addition to its use on plastic surfaces, it’s plus if the paint can be used for multi-purpose applications, such as leather or fabric upholstery.

5 Best Paint For Your Interior Car Plastic

ColorBond (657) BMW Savannah Beige LVP Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint 

ColorBond (657) BMW Savannah Beige LVP Leather, Spray Paint – 12 oz is a versatile and high-quality product that is perfect for restoring the look of your car’s interior. Its unique formula deepens into leather, vinyl, and hard plastic surfaces to create a long-lasting finish.The spray paint is specifically formulated to match the color of BMW Savannah Beige, ensuring that your car’s interior will look as good as new. 

It is easy to apply and dries quickly, saving time and effort. The 12 oz can is perfect for tackling small touch-up jobs or larger projects. ColorBond (657) Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint also contain urethane solvent-based coating to enhance the appearance of your car’s interior. Plus, one paint can cover up to 4.5 ft² and is safe on various surfaces.


  • Its easy to apply in plastic/vinyl surface
  • The color offres durability
  • A color-matching feature is included
  • Excellent choice for any DIY project.


  • Expensive compared to other spray paints.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer, Car Plastic Restorer 

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer is an effective solution for restoring the look of your car’s exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim. With its advanced formula, this product can provide long-lasting protection to your car’s surfaces. This car plastic restorer is easy to apply and dries quickly, saving you time and effort. The 12 oz bottle is perfect for tackling small touch-up jobs or more extensive projects.

It provides a deep, rich shine that can last for weeks on exterior plastic and rubber trim. Also, it is UV-protected, preventing fading and cracking caused by exposure to the sun.

With its thicker formula and  10.4 ounce can, you can say goodbye to excessive product waste. Its durable coating can withstand exposure to water, dirt, and other elements, helping to keep your car looking great for a long time.


  • Efficient choice for restoring and protecting car’s interior 
  • Applicable for plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim. 
  • Simple to use 
  • UV protection formula
  • Durable and long-lasting protection.


  • It may not match other color.

SEM Paints SEM15243 Satin Black Color Coat Aerosol 12 Ounce 

SEM Paints SEM15243 Satin Black Color Coat Aerosol is an excellent choice for refinishing your car’s interior. Thanks to its unique formula, this product can provide a long-lasting and durable finish to any surface. You can apply the satin black color coat aerosol easily and quickly. Whether you are doing touch-ups or larger projects, the 12 ounce can is just right for you.

This plastic car interior paint is specially designed to be used on various surfaces, including leather, vinyl, and plastic. This spray paint is excellent at adhesion and finishing, resulting in a professional-looking finish. Due to its uniformity and long-lasting finish, it is a smart investment for any car owner. The black satin finish of SEM Paints SEM15243 can provide a sleek and modern look to your car’s interior while covering any blemishes or imperfections.


  • It offers versatile use
  • Professional finish with a long-lasting feature
  • A simple application process 
  • Crack free coating.


  • Spray nozzle may get clogged or over-dropped.
  • Several coating may be needed.

Dupli-Color EBUN02007 Perfect Match Automotive Spray Paint 

Looking to add some sparkle to your car’s interior with ? Dupli-Color’s Perfect Match Automotive Spray Paint in Universal Chrome will expertly work for your car’s interior. In addition to providing a seamless, factory-match finish, this car interior paint for plastic is made to ensure a flawless painting. With its advanced formula, the Dupli-Color Perfect Match spray paint offers superior adhesion to various surfaces. It’s a versatile product used on plastic, metal, and even vinyl surfaces.

This product is packaged in an 8 oz. aerosol can with acrylic liquor paint feature, making it convenient for your car inerior. Its universal chrome finish adds a modern touch to any car’s interior while masking imperfections. With its easy-to-use formula and professional finish, the Dupli-Color Perfect Match spray paint can help anyone looking to revamp their car’s interior.


  • Multipurpose use
  • It nicely clear coats the surface
  • Perfect for DIY project
  • Application is simple.


  • Size is small.
  • Drying time takes long.

S.M. Arnold Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher 

The S.M. Arnold Leather, Carpet, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher in Black is a versatile paint product for interior car refinishing. It offers excellent adhesion and a uniform finish, making it ideal for use on leather, carpet, vinyl, and hard plastic surfaces. This 11 ounce paint covers stains, scuffs, and scratches, giving your car’s interior a new look. The quick-drying formula of this paint for plastic car interior ensures a fast and easy application process with minimal mess. With the ability to restore and rejuvenate car interiors, this product is a cost-effective alternative to expensive replacement parts.

This professional-grade spray paint provides exceptional protection and beautification for indoor and outdoor car surfaces. Its tough, fade-resistant formula ensures long-lasting and vibrant results without any cracking, peeling, or rubbing off.

Its tough and durable formulation ensures maximum resistance to any damage while also delivering a beautiful, glossy look. 


  • High-quality refinisher
  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • Durable formula
  • Quick drying formula
  • Prevents peeling, cracking, and fading surface.


  • It may spits drops of paint
  • Only black color is available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I want to paint the interior plastic of my car, and what benefits does it offer?

Painting the interior plastic of your car can refresh its appearance, cover up scratches or blemishes, and protect the plastic from further wear and tear. It can also help customize your car’s interior to match your preferences.

What types of paint are suitable for interior car plastic, and how do they differ?

Paints for interior car plastic include spray paints, vinyl and plastic paints, and interior trim paints. They differ in terms of compatibility, adhesion, durability, and finish.

How do I choose the best paint for the interior plastic of my car, and what factors should I consider?

When selecting paint, consider factors such as the type of plastic, color matching, adhesion to plastic, drying time, durability, and budget. The paint should be suitable for automotive interior use.

What is the significance of choosing a paint that adheres well to plastic surfaces?

Adhesion to plastic is crucial because it ensures that the paint will bond securely to the plastic interior components. Proper adhesion prevents peeling or flaking over time.

Can I change the color of my interior plastic with paint, or should I match the existing color?

You can change the color of your interior plastic with paint if you want to customize the look of your car’s interior. However, matching the existing color is also an option if you prefer a consistent appearance.


Finding the best paint for interior car plastic is an essential step in keeping and improving your car’s appearance. Choose from various options on the market that have durability, UV protection, a glossy finish, and more. 

We hope that our list of top products will help you in deciding what you need to make your car interior look great. Click on the above links to make your purchase and take the first step towards improving the look and longevity of your vehicle’s interior.

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