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The Best Glue For Rearview Mirrors; Get Your Mirrors Secure And Safe Again 

Imagine driving to work, hearing horns blaring and there you are, without any idea about what is causing a commotion because you do not have a rearview mirror in place. 

Rear mirrors, usually augmented by other mirrors in the car, are like magnifying glasses that allow you to see varying angles of events happening around you while driving. It is safe to say that it is a safety measure in cars. 

Unfortunately, the rearview mirror seems to come off after some time and you are left to reattach it all by yourself. There are ways to reattach your rearview mirror when it comes off, including buying a new one but your best bet is to fix it back with the best glue for a rearview mirror. 

What to look out for when you want to purchase glue for rear mirrors

Now that we know that you can fix your rear mirrors with glue, how then do you know the best adhesive for rear view mirrors?

You would think that selecting glue is an easy task until you start to encounter different problems after “fixing” it. People have suffered from the effects of using subpar glue for their rear mirrors. In one of the reviews for glue, a customer said that the glue made his rear mirror fixed on a spot I.e it could no longer rotate to give good views of what is going on at the back. 

You do not have to experience any of the effects of bad glue before you reattach your mirror. You will learn what features you should look out for when buying a rearview mirror glue. Let’s go!

Quality and components of the glue

The constituents of glue are a determinant of its quality. Vibrations and bumps on the road while driving cause the rear mirror to shake and eventually fall off and so quality glue has to stay despite the vibrations and bumps.

Adhesive temperature

One of the reasons why rearview mirrors fall out is extreme temperature. Glue for rearview mirrors should stay put during harsh weather conditions like cold winters and hot summers. 

Ease of use

Most products include user guidelines in their packaging to direct customers on proper use. Guidelines should be direct, relevant and easy to follow. You should also check safety precautions and tips to get the maximum use of the glue.

Drying time

One characteristic of the best glue for rearview mirrors is the time it takes to dry.  Some glue takes days to cure, while others dry in a matter of minutes. There is no reason to leave in a glue that takes days to dry when you can use one that dries out quickly enough for you to start using it the same day.

This article has taken time to gather information on the best glue for rearview mirrors; their pros and cons. Take your time to read through it and select your choice when you want to reattach your mirror.

Best adhesives for rearview mirrors

Permatex extreme rear view mirror professional strength adhesive kit

This glue is suitable for rearview mirrors made with metal components, it has strong chemicals so it is not advisable on plastic mirror buttons. It comes in two parts that have to be mixed before use. You have to carefully follow the instructions because the content may not be available for use more than one time. 


– It is easy to use

–The dry time is 15 mins

–It holds rearview mirrors for a long, hence it has high resistive power 


– The adhesive may fail during harsh conditions.

– Available for only one-time use

3M Rearview mirror adhesive

3M Rearview mirror adhesive is one of the best glues to use in harsh weather conditions. It has components that make it retain its properties of high resistivity during hot sunlight and high humidity. 


 – It can be used in places with harsh weather conditions.

–Two-pack structural acrylic system

– It has easy-to-use instructions.

– It has a short dry time of about 15 minutes.


– The glue, like every other product, can fail.

JB weld clear weld

JB Weld is made with synthetic-based resins that create a strong bond between the windshield and the mirror. 


– It is used for household appliances

–The dry time is about an hour

– It doesn’t change colour so you can rest assured that it won’t stand out in your car. 


– Although it is used to glue rearview mirrors, it may not last long because it is mainly used for household items. 

Versachem Rear view mirror adhesive

If you are looking for the best glue whose application procedure is pleasant, Versachem rear view mirror glue is your to-go. The process of usage is well-explained and can be quick. It also has little to no smell. Users that get irritated with the smell of glues can try this.


–Resistant to heat and vibrations 

–Easy-to-follow instructions

– It can be used on various materials 


–It is strong, hence safety measures should be put in place before using 

Gorilla clear epoxy 5-minute jet epoxy

This product comes in the form of a syringe. Unlike other products, you can rest assured that the application area will not be messy.  It is resistant to heat and water. Reviews show that users consider Gorilla epoxy as the best glue for the rearview mirror because it lasts long.


– The dry time is about 5 mins

– Bound to last because of quality chemicals and ingredients used in the production.

– It is multipurpose. I.e It may be used to glue household appliances and more


– The dry time  (5 mins) may not be enough to set things in the right place.

– It is difficult to correct a mistake because it dries out very quickly. 

You can check out more information and learn about more glue products for your rearview mirrors on Amazon.

The rearview mirrors of cars come off all the time. The most important thing is to know how to fix it back properly. This article has listed what to look out for when selecting a glue. 

When applying, be sure to clean the area you want to apply well, scrap off leftover glue from your windshield, follow instructions on the glue package and finally, re-attach the mirror. You could also use a drier/warmer to speed up the dry time. 

With all this, you can get your mirror safe and secure again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I need to use glue for rearview mirrors?

Gluing a rearview mirror is necessary when it becomes detached from the windshield or its mounting bracket. It ensures the mirror is secure and functional.

What types of glue are suitable for reattaching rearview mirrors?

The most suitable glues for reattaching rearview mirrors are windshield adhesive (urethane adhesive) and rearview mirror adhesive kits specifically designed for this purpose.

Is there a significant difference between using windshield adhesive and rearview mirror adhesive kits?

Windshield adhesive is a durable option for attaching rearview mirrors, while rearview mirror adhesive kits are designed for easy application and may include extra components like a primer.

Can I use regular super glue or epoxy to attach a rearview mirror?

It’s not recommended to use regular super glue or epoxy for this purpose, as they may not provide the necessary strength and durability for a secure mirror attachment.

How do I choose the right adhesive for reattaching my rearview mirror?

Choose an adhesive that is specifically designed for automotive use and is compatible with the materials involved (usually glass, metal, and plastic). Windshield adhesive and mirror adhesive kits are the safest choices.

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