The Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model 3: Keep Your Car Clean & Stylish!

The best floor mats give excellent edge-to-edge protection without changing the cabin’s feel. It’s up to you to find a mat that meshes with your lifestyle. The high-end models feature rugged thermoplastic with deep ridges and fluid channels that do an exceptional job of separating mud, water, and debris from your soles. 

You’re bound to track in dirt and other debris on your shoes when you drive your tesla model 3. There is a chance that you spill food or beverages on the floor. It is possible to protect your car’s floor from all sorts of messes by wearing floor mats. You can take the floor mats out and wash them instead of having to clean the entire floor.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the best floor mats for tesla model 3. The guide we’ve will help you find the best floor mats for tesla model 3. If you have the right floor mats for your Model 3 you will enjoy the drive even more.

How To Choose Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best mats for tesla model 3. These are some of the things that include:


How long your floor mats last depends on the material that they are made out of, and how often you have to clean them. The rubber floor mats are not as resistant to wear and tear as the fabric floor mats are. The rubber mats are better suited for humid regions because of their resistance to mud and water. However, they are not as comfortable as mats of fabric.

Edges and Ridges 

There are mats with high edges that are better at trapping spills. Liquid can be channeled away from your feet through grooves and ridges.


Thin mats aren’t as comfortable for your feet as thicker mats. They don’t slip as much because they’re heavier. The thick nomad mats and thick fabric mats absorb liquid more quicker. It’s better to have thick rubber mats that have deep grooves. The thicker mats are more likely to last longer.

Top OF The Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model 3

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TAPTES Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

The Taptes Model 3 Floor mats are designed to offer excellent protection against dirt, mud, snow, and other debris and come in a set of three mats. The mats offer three layers of protection, starting with a thermoplastic rubber surface layer, followed by a TPR-XPR inner layer and anti-slip backing. This is a high-quality thermoplastic rubber-designed floor mat. 

The Model 3’s cabin will not look out of place with the sleek yet minimalist appearance of the floor mat’s surface rubber layer, which has a carbon fiber-like texture. It’s easy to remove the bottom layer because it’s soft, but it’s also hard to keep it firmly in place because of the 3D raised edges. Unique design for long-term protection easy to install, and perfect for all weather conditions. This is one of the best tesla floor mats model 3.


  • Carbon-fiber design
  • The inner layer of the XPE is for support and cushion
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • 3D raised edges help contain spills


  • It’s higher than the average price
  • It may be seen with heavy wear and tear
  • The front passenger mat isn’t the snug one

Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats 2023 – 2017 All Weather Waterproof 3D Floor Liner Full Set Front and Rear Black Interior Accessories No Logo by HEA

Hea Floor Mats offer one of the most interesting designs we’ve seen in a Tesla Model 3 floor mat. Their liner is constructed using thermoplastic elastomer which offers a high degree of impact absorption, and they have a second middle-center foam layer that serves as a sound deadener. These mats are more noticeably flat than others, with no real channels, grooves, or reservoirs to contain debris and spills. 

These mats provide full protection against the elements for the driver and front passenger. They come ready to install with non-slip backing. They are constructed from 100% recycled materials, and are odor free, making them ideal for use with cars that are kept inside. They will stay securely in place, even on rough roads and off-road terrain. The 3D mat liner will not fall out of position nor slip out of place underfoot, no matter how you move your car or where you drive. 


  • The carbon fiber-inspired design is sleek
  • There are no distinguishable markings
  • The driver mat has raised heel pads


  • There are no grooves or channels to trap debris
  • It appears to be too minimalist for some drivers

3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat (BLACK) for 2018-2019 TESLA MODEL 3 – 1ST ROW 2ND ROW

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The 3D Maxpider Floor Mats are designed to protect your floors from all weather elements. They feature a multi-layered design consisting of top waterproof thermoplastic rubber, middle lightweight XPE foam, and anti-slip bottom for added traction.

A durable material that absorbs shock and prevents liquids from seeping underneath your carpet floor. This type of floor mat features raised lips and a durable heel pad to keep your feet drier and cooler when you’re out on the road. Unlike most other rubber mats, this one is completely odorless. It’s also much more comfortable to walk on and will give you a more refreshed feel than other mats.


  • There is a lightweight foam layer for shock and absorption
  • The raised lips help keep spills under control
  • The driver’s mat has a heel pad
  • It is good for all-weather protection


  • The average warranty length is below average
  • It is easy for rear floor mats to crease

TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Set (Front Row + 2nd Row) Compatible with Tesla Model 3 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA) Black Rubber Mar 2019 Aug 2019

The rubber blend front driver, passenger, and rear floor mats of Toughpro are a solid value option as they are 3D scanned and cut to produce a very good set of mats. The biggest difference between them and their other picks is the hexagon soccer cell pattern, which appears to do an okay job of trapping spills and debris.

Its specifications include edge-to-edge coverage and retention hooks to keep them firmly in place. The Toughpro Floor mats don’t offer a lot in the way of raised edges, deep grooves, and reservoirs. The mats are more beneficial to drivers in dry climates.


  • There’s no odor or off-gassing when unpacking
  • For an exact fit, 3D precision cutting 
  • It’s easy to clean with a spray


  • There aren’t a lot of grooves and ridges
  • It’s not as thick as the heavier-duty options

WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiner Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 1st & 2nd Row

Weathertech is one of the leading floor mat manufacturers on the planet, and they did not disappoint with this set of floor mats. There are two front mats and one rear mat in this three-piece set. The high-density tri-extruded material used in the construction of each mat promises a rigid core and taller lips on the edge to keep liquids well contained. It’s also the best tesla model 3 floor mats.

The design of the Weathertech Custom Fit FloorLiners is its favorite feature. It uses thin, deep channels to channel fluids and debris into a separate reservoir, which can be emptied at regular intervals and cleaned with no more than simple soap and rinse. 


  • Made of high-strength 
  • High-Density Tri-Extruded material
  • Highly textured surface 
  • Comfortable stepping on
  • Easy to clean


  • Too expensive

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I consider using floor mats in my Tesla Model 3?

Using floor mats in your Tesla Model 3 helps protect the interior carpet from dirt, spills, and wear and tear. They also make cleaning and maintaining your car’s interior easier.

What types of floor mats are suitable for a Tesla Model 3, and how do they differ?

Floor mats for a Tesla Model 3 typically come in three types: carpeted mats, rubber mats, and all-weather mats. They differ in terms of material, protection level, and appearance.

How do I choose the best floor mats for my Tesla Model 3, and what factors should I consider?

When selecting floor mats, consider factors such as material, fit, style, ease of cleaning, and budget. The mats should fit well in your Model 3 and meet your specific needs.

What is the significance of material when choosing floor mats for a Tesla Model 3?

Material affects the durability, appearance, and functionality of floor mats. Rubber mats are easy to clean and provide all-weather protection, while carpeted mats offer a more traditional look.

Are there any Tesla Model 3-specific floor mats available, and why should I consider them?

Some manufacturers offer floor mats specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3. These mats are custom-fit, ensuring they perfectly match the vehicle’s interior contours and provide maximum coverage and protection.

Final Words

We hope these products are the tesla model 3 best floor mats. You can choose any one of them for your tesla model 3. But before buying, must check the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the products.

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