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How To Unlock Car Door Without Key

Wondering how to unlock car door without a key? Being locked out with the key inside is one of the most frustrating experiences faced by car owners. This unexpected situation can get you overwhelmed, especially if you need the car for emergent purposes. Although the plausible resolution is to call a locksmith or seek roadside assistance, there are other different ways to open your car without a key. Methods that can be adapted to save such undesirable situations will be assessed in this article. However, It is important to know the locking mechanism of your vehicle for easy application of these methods.

How To Unlock My Car Door With Key Locked Inside?

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Car keys getting locked inside is a common occurrence among car drivers. Such an unplanned event might require an urgent resolution and some lockout methods could come in handy. More importantly, having first-hand knowledge of your car’s locking mechanism both in the interior and exterior will go a long way in selecting the method to try. Below are methods to try if mistakenly locked your car keys inside. Let’s check them out!

Use A Coat Hanger

This is a usual method and it is suitable for unlocking both manual and automatic car doors. With the aid of a plier, disentangle the coat hanger to make a straight rod with a small hook-like structure at the tip. The next step is to slide the hanger down between the weather stripping and the car window where the control arm is located. Ensure the hook is facing the inside by rotating the anger until the control arm is found. This is the most difficult part of the process as it may be hard to fish around to locate the control arm. However, you can pull up and get the car door opened once you are locked in.

Use Your Shoelaces

The idea of using shoelaces is quite surprising and unbelievable. However, it works quite well as a trick to unlock car doors. To proceed with this trick, remove one of your shoelaces although another kind of string can be alternatively used. The next step is to tie a little loop in its center that can be tightened by pulling the shoelace’s end. Using a back and forth motion, bring the string down far enough for the knot to cover the doorknob. While holding one end in each hand, slide the shoelace through the corner of the car door. Once it is in position, simply pull the string to tighten and unlock the door.

Use A Wedge And Long Rod

This method is a bit stressful as it requires you to create a pocket of space for a wedge or rod to pass through. It is important to cover the wedge with a plastic cover as this process may cause significant damage to car paint. Proceed by sliding the air wedge and pump air into it to establish a distinct separation between the car door and the vehicle body. Push in the wooden wedge as farther as you can until you have a fairly large gap. On a final note, slide in the rod via the created by the wedge to locate and hit the vehicle’s unlock button. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if I’ve locked my keys in the car?

If you’ve locked your keys in the car, you can try various methods to unlock the door without a key, as outlined in the article.

Are there any legal issues with unlocking a car door without a key?

n emergency situations where you lock your keys in the car, unlocking your vehicle is generally legal. However, it’s important to use these methods responsibly and only on your own vehicle.

What’s the safest and most recommended method to unlock a car door without a key?

The safest method is typically using a professional locksmith or contacting roadside assistance if you have a membership. DIY methods should be used with caution to avoid damage.

Is it possible to unlock a car door without a key if it has keyless entry or a key fob?

Some methods may work for cars with keyless entry or key fobs, but it can be more challenging, and professional assistance is often the best option.

Can I use a slim jim or similar tool to unlock a car door without a key?

Slim jims and similar tools can potentially unlock a car door, but they require skill and can damage the door or locking mechanism if used improperly.

Are there any tools or devices I can purchase for unlocking my car door in case of an emergency?

There are car unlocking tools available for purchase, but it’s important to be aware of the legal and ethical considerations of owning and using such tools.

Final words

Seeking professional help from a car service man or roadside assistance remains the best option when you locked your car keys inside. However, the methods discussed in this article may be helpful, especially during emergencies. These tricks may be difficult to try on modern vehicles due to the development of automatic locks and safety systems. More importantly, caution should be applied while trying the above methods to avoid causing significant damage to the car chassis. 

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