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Best Cars To Sleep In And Relax

What are the best cars to sleep in? Among the most crucial aspects of life is sleep. Regardless of your perspective, sleep enables you to be as good as possible. After all, if you’re not sleeping, you’re technically wasting your life away. A used car may appeal to you for a variety of purposes. Maybe you like working on classic cars, or maybe you just want to own cars of all different types. What happens in this article is basically something you can guess. There are some great cars to sleep in that come with plenty of storage space and awesome storage compartments to stash whatever you need for a comfortable night’s rest.

Qualities Of A Car To Sleep In

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Not all automobiles are suitable for sleeping in, particularly those without fold-down backseats. However, campers frequently stick with the same vehicles year after year for a reason. The following are necessary characteristics of an automobile to sleep in while camping:

1) Space: A capacious automobile to sleep in for camping would be ideal if it had a big trunk and a foldable backseat.

2) Towing capabilities: Some people like to tow their preferred outdoor and sporting equipment, such as dirt bikes, kayaks, or road bikes.

3) Adequate engine capacity: While all-wheel drive is not required, it’s good to have enough engine performance in a camping car to venture off the established route.

4) Noise Cancellation: Noise reduction is a big deal in the world of sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, it can be a real challenge to find the right car to get some rest in.

The 8 Best Cars To Sleep In

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Many people rely on cars for transportation. They’re used to get from point A to point B, but they’re also used as a place to sleep, relax and even work. A list of the 8 best cars to sleep in is provided below:

Subaru Forester

Among the most dependable Subaru vehicles, you can drive to sleep is the 2017 Forester. Beginning at just more than $20,000, it is a little more reasonable than the Pathfinder above. This helps make it a terrific price, and even though it has a weaker engine, it can still perform admirably in almost any camping circumstance.

One of the modern SUVs you can sleep in for the least money is the Subaru Forester. It only falls behind its competitors (such as the Toyota RAV4) in terms of hybrid engines. But the Forester is still a great option if you don’t want a hybrid engine. Its trunk is not as large as that of comparable SUVs. The largest volume it can be increased to is 63 cubic feet.


  • Lower cost than the Nissan Pathfinder
  • Fuel usage that is economical
  • 7.5 inches above the ground


  • Smaller trunk than its competitors

Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is advised for some of the toughest camping terrains because it is a real off-road vehicle. When it relates to hauling hefty objects, the Pathfinder is a true workhorse thanks to its greater towing capacity than the Outback.

The Pathfinder in 2022 carries a powerful punch. It has a durable 284 horsepower V6 engine as standard equipment. Similar to Hyundai, Nissan doesn’t offer as long of a warranty, but it has excellent dependability ratings.

The Pathfinder is a favorite among campers due to its strong engines, high ground clearance, outstanding towing capability, and spacious interior that accommodates sleeping 1-2 people. The Pathfinder’s trunk can hold 79.5 cubic feet when the seats are folded.

Although it has a substantial trunk space, the Subaru Outback’s 76.7 cubic feet are slightly larger. Given its greater towing capability, campers may prefer the Pathfinder to the Outback when camping with their full family.


  • Excellent off-road skills
  • 4WD and 2WD drivetrains
  • Effective when towed (up to 6.000lbs)


  • Not featured on the base model is a 360-degree camera system.

Volkswagen Golf

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Possibly the most comfortable hatchbacks for sleeping are golf cars. Given that this is a hatchback, the new Golf isn’t very spacious for stretching your legs. At times, you could even have to sleep in the front seat. But it serves for overnight or two-night camping outings.

For campers who only go sometimes, the little Golf is a decent option. Although it doesn’t have the same amount of ground clearance as other cars, its excellent fuel economy and pragmatic size make it simple to park once you get home because it is a genuine city car.

It is possible to play golf in several different ways. The Golf R is the best vehicle for most engine power. However, the MK8 performs a terrific job for individuals who enjoy outdoor experiences, making the R overkill for camping.

The primary issue with the Golf is that its trunk can only hold 34.5 cubic feet of room when the seats are folded, making it unsuitable for spending several nights at a nursing home. But it works for a single night or two.


  • Parking is simple
  • Very dependable
  • 320 horsepower or more


  • Its price is high compared to competitors

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback is a wagon with SUV-like capabilities. You can go practically anywhere you choose to camp thanks to its high ground clearance. Due to its dependability, Subaru is one of the greatest vehicles to sleep in when camping.

The Outback is more maneuverable and feels like a car. Compared to SUVs, a higher driving position gives drivers a sense of control. Despite being a compact hybrid, the Outback has plenty of room. Small mattresses for one or two sleepers can fit inside its trunk. As an alternative, considering that the Outback’s backseats fold down, you can think about putting 1-2 sleeping bags in the back.

The Outback’s trunk space is 32.5 cubic feet. Considering that it’s not a complete SUV, this is pretty big. Whenever the back seats are folded down, the trunk expands to 76.7 cubic feet, almost doubling in size. This was among the most trustworthy solutions for novice and devoted campers, and it is perfect for hiking trips of 1–5 days.


  • Exceptional ground clearance (above 8.7 inches)
  • Perfect for rocky landscapes
  • a four-wheel-drive option.


  • Not tall enough for rooftop awnings to fit an SUV

Jeep Wrangler

black Jeep Wrangler

Among the most popular cars for sleeping in when camping is the vintage Wrangler. It allows for sleeping inside the off-road vehicle and is suitable for various rooftop tents.

The new Wrangler from Jeep has a trunk that can hold up to 67.4 cubic feet when the seats are folded. This is a little less than the Toyota 4Runner, but the latter is a vehicle that is highly advisable for some very remote camping spots because of its superb off-road characteristics. Jeep Wrangles are suitable for rocky terrains and pretty much any isolated off-road camping location an off-road vehicle can approach.


  • Ground clearance of 9.7″
  • The big trunk door of access
  • Robust, long-lasting construction


  • Not the most sophisticated engine selection

Toyota 4Runner

Among the most spacious vehicles, you can sleep in is the Toyota 4Runner. With a maximum trunk capacity of 89.7 cubic feet, this Toyota is perfect for carrying mattresses, sleeping bags, cushions, comforters, and any other camping necessities.

The 4Runner is recommended for practically any camping terrain due to its extremely high ground clearance. Even when the car is completely loaded, its 5-speed automated machine transmission performs admirably.

It also comes recommended for smooth highway travel with a strong V6 engine with close to 300 horsepower. With such a strong engine, reaching your target won’t be difficult.


  • The most spacious sleeping area
  • Ground clearance of 9.6″
  • Powerful 4L V6 motor


  • Not the choice that uses the least gasoline

Volvo XC90

This Swedish car has a luxurious cabin and lots of space. A current vehicle with luxury and cutting-edge safety technology is the XC-90. Additionally, it is safe, dependable, and enjoyable to drive. Third-row seating is an option for this SUV. It is a gorgeous mid-size automobile with great styling and distinctive features. A stylish, luxurious vehicle with captivating styling and a gorgeous appearance is the Volvo XC90. The seats can be flattened, which increases the amount of space available. This vehicle has the ability to accommodate a mattress inside. In light of its comfortable interior, this vehicle is the finest choice for sleeping.


  • Impressive safety rating with top crash-test scores in nearly every category
  • A highly customizable interior that can be tailored to your needs
  • Premium feel and design that matches other Volvo models


  • Smaller trunk than many competitors
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would someone want to sleep in their car, and what are the benefits?

Sleeping in your car can be a practical option for road trips, camping, or when you need a quick rest. It’s more comfortable and private than some alternatives.

What factors should I consider when choosing a car to sleep in?

Consider factors like interior space, comfort, safety features, and the ability to recline the seats or create a flat sleeping surface.

What types of vehicles are best for sleeping and relaxing in the car?

Vehicles like SUVs, vans, and some larger sedans are often better suited for sleeping due to their interior space. Some camping-specific vehicles like camper vans are designed for this purpose.

Do I need to modify my car to sleep comfortably in it?

Depending on your vehicle and sleeping preferences, you might need to make modifications, such as removing rear seats, using a mattress or air mattress, or adding window coverings for privacy.

Can you comfortably sleep in a regular sedan or compact car?

While it’s possible to sleep in a compact car, it can be more challenging due to limited space. Some people use rooftop tents or specialized car-camping gear to make it more comfortable.

Are there any legal restrictions or safety concerns related to sleeping in a car?

Laws and regulations regarding sleeping in a car vary by location. It’s important to research and follow local laws and prioritize safety, such as proper ventilation and secure parking.

Final Words

So there have the eight best cars to sleep in for you. Keep in mind that your choice of car to sleep in will be based upon a number of factors. Foremost, you will need a car that has enough space for yourself and the belongings that you plan on bringing. In addition, you will have to make certain that the car has all of its keys so that you can lock the vehicle and feel safe about leaving your valuables inside.

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