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A Car Traveling With Constant Speed Travels 150 Km In 7200s. What Is The Speed Of The Car?

A car traveling with constant speed travels 150 Km in 7200s. What is the speed of the car? The speed at which a vehicle travels are determined by the distance it covers in a certain amount of time. It is a scalar quantity that can be expressed in meter per second, kilometer per hour, and mile per hour units. Accidents are usually associated with the initial speed of vehicles. This makes measuring the speed of cars an important practice to determine how fast you are driving. With this in place, speed control can be enforced to reduce car crashes to the barest minimum. 

A Car Traveling With Constant Speed Travels 150 Km In 7200s. What Is The Speed Of The Car?

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Practically, the speed at which a vehicle traveled through a journey is calculated by the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken. By simplification, 7200 seconds taken for the journey is equal to 120 minutes which is 2 hours. With the total travel distance given at 150km, the total speed for the journey is calculated using the below formula.

For instance: since speed = total distance travel / total time taken

Hence, the answer is :

Speed = 150 km (total distance travel) / 2 hours (total time taken)

: 150 / 2 = 75km per 

While critically looking into the given problem, it was clearly stated that the vehicle traveled at a constant speed. Such occurrence is a rarity as there is a difference between average and constant speed. In this case, the given problem is typically a speed-distance question. And the speed of the car is expected to remain constant at any point in time.

With the above mathematical expression, a car that covers a distance of 150 kilometers in 7200 seconds will have an overall speed of  75km per hour.

Is There Any Difference Between Constant And Average Speed?

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Speed is considered to be constant when there is no observable increase or decrease in speed an object moves. It is best described as a situation where a moving object travels at a steady pace throughout the entire distance covered. On the other hand, an average speed is the rate at which an object moves along a path and it’s best calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken. An average speed of an object is the summation of the speed it travels at a specific time divided by the time elapsed.

It is a scalar value and it is calculated irrespective of how the object changed direction through the journey. Constant speed is basically the speed of an object traveling at the same speed and direction without a change throughout the travel distance. The major difference between average and constant speed is that average speed varies during the course of traveling a distance while constant speeds remain fixed and unchanged throughout a journey.

Is It Important To Calculate The Speed A Car Travels Through A Distance?

Generally, the importance of knowing the travel speed of a moving object is important for several reasons. Roads are designed with a speed limit to ensure easier control in case the vehicle spins out spontaneously. This is an essential move as the handling of cars tends to get more sensitive when you drive at high speed. Also, the improved technological input of GPS tracking systems in vehicles was designed through the knowledge of car speeds. This ensures the time required for a car to travel a distance can be accurately predicted. Furthermore, car speed knowledge is important for producing vehicles that are faster than the existing ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean for a car to travel with constant speed?

When a car travels with constant speed, it means that its velocity, or the rate at which it covers a distance, remains the same over time. There is no acceleration or change in speed during the journey.

How do I calculate the speed of the car using the information provided?

You can calculate the speed of the car by dividing the distance (150 kilometers) by the time it took to cover that distance (7200 seconds). Speed = Distance / Time.

What units should I use when calculating the speed of the car?

You should use consistent units. In this case, you can use kilometers for distance and seconds for time to calculate the speed in kilometers per second (km/s).

How can I convert the speed from km/s to more commonly used units like km/h (kilometers per hour)?

To convert the speed from km/s to km/h, you can multiply the speed in km/s by 3600 (the number of seconds in an hour). Speed (in km/h) = Speed (in km/s) * 3600.

Can the speed be expressed in other units like meters per second (m/s) or miles per hour (mph)?

Yes, you can convert the speed to other units. To express the speed in m/s, you can use the same calculation and convert kilometers to meters (1 km = 1000 m). To express it in mph, you can use the appropriate conversion factor.


Let’s wrap it up! What Is the Speed of the Car?” provided a straightforward example of calculating the speed of a car that maintained a constant velocity. By using the formula for speed, which is speed equals distance divided by time, readers could easily determine the car’s speed over this particular journey.

This basic physics principle serves as a fundamental concept in understanding motion, demonstrating that speed is the rate at which an object covers a given distance in a specified amount of time. The calculated speed, in this case, was presented in kilometers per second (km/s), but it could be converted into various other units, such as kilometers per hour (km/h) or meters per second (m/s), depending on the desired context.

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