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Best All Purpose Cleaner For Can Interior – Top 15

The best all purpose cleaner for car interior will not just help you freshen your mood every day but also ensure the longevity and quality of every part. When it comes to picking a cleaner for the interiors, you need to be careful about its constituents. Usage of lots of chemicals will damage the parts and might even cause a foul odor.

Which is the best interior car cleaner for leather, dashboard, roof, upholstery, vinyl, or rubber? Which one would you go for a polish, spray, or foam interior cleaner? What are the tools you will require? Don’t worry! Today we’re here to answer all your queries and relieve you from all your doubts. Continue reading the article to find out the ideal match for your car interior.

Car Interior Materials

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It is imperative to choose the cleaner that doesn’t damage the quality of fabric your car interior is made of. Before you find the best all purpose cleaner for car interior, you need to familiarize yourself with the various materials in your car, and what type of cleaner suits them.


Nylon has a sturdy nature and is pretty much resistant to dust and dampness. It is used in the upholstery of a lot of automobiles. As it doesn’t absorb moisture, bad odor conditions are quite prevalent. You would want to buy a cleaner which is suitable for wiping dirt and dust out of nylon.


Mostly used for seats, leather is a comfortable and luxurious-looking fabric, which needs a lot of care to sustain its shine. Numerous products are specially designed for leather cleaning and polishing. You have to be careful while choosing a cleaner for this material, as an abrasive chemical can damage its color and result in its cracking.


Being very durable, polyester is used widely in making car upholstery. It is effortless to clean and maintain. Pick a cleaner with the right combination for cleaning polyester and other fabrics that constitute your car space. It would help you to prevent excessive splurging on multiple fabric-specific cleaning chemicals.


Vinyl is another tough material that will need less maintenance. Being a type of plastic, it is pretty much resistant to stains and spillage of liquid. Colored vinyl might need polishing from time to time to retain shine. Buy a product that is effective for cleaning and renewing both- vinyl and other fabrics to reduce costs.


The windows and windshield of a car are made of glass and need regular cleaning too. As all products are not fit for its cleaning, check the cleaner’s compatibility with glass before making a purchase.

Types Of Interior Car Cleaner

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If you’re looking for the best all purpose cleaner for car interior, you’ll also need to know the various types available. Depending upon surface and area, you can choose between the following types of interior car cleaners:


A micro-mist spray cleaner is effective in covering large areas quickly and cleaning the hard-to-reach spots.


For intense cleaning and mainly polishing, a liquid cleaner is used as a shampoo for your car interior. It can form a protective coating over the surfaces. These cleaners generally come concentrated and need dilution for the best results.


A foam cleaner comes in spray and lathers well to cover a big cleaning area. Bifurcated into high foaming and low foaming products, choose the one which suits your requirements the best.


Capable of sealing essential nutrition in the leather, a wax cleaner is mostly used in detailing and polishing products. If you are looking for a cleaner that would provide a protective layer to the surface and repel dust, going for a wax detailer is a good option.

How Often Should You Use An Interior Car Cleaner?

As per the expert’s opinion, you should use an interior cleaner every 2-3 months to clean your car’s insides. Generally, this would prevent the layering of dirt, discoloration, and accumulation of bacteria inside. Besides keeping interior cars clean and sanitized, you should care about the exterior cars by using homemade car wash soap instead of commercial cleaners.

Are There Any All Purpose Interior Car Cleaners?

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There are multiple all-purpose interior car cleaners available in the market. They could be a little pricey but are apt for all kinds of surfaces and ready to use. By using such products, you will not have to load your garage shelves with numerous material-specific cleaners.

Is Alcohol A Good Component In Interior Car Cleaners?

Alcohol is undoubtedly one of the best disinfecting agents. Alcohol-based interior car cleaners could be used on hard surfaces like upholstery and glass to clean. But for cleaning leather surfaces, it’s a no-no!

Are Car Interior Protectants Better Than Interior Cleaners?

Both of these products have different functions. Though the line is often hazy, you should understand that a cleaner removes the already existing dirt. At the same time, a protectant will help the interior from any prospective damage.

There are interior car cleaners with protecting features which you can buy to save cost.

Which Are The Best Interior Car Cleaners To Buy?

The best all purpose cleaner options for car interior are Plexus and the Chemical Guys. These two products give a pristine look to your car and fit your budget. Similarly, Nextzett is worth mentioning for its revitalizing performance and refreshing fragrance.

Check out the list of best interior car cleaners by reputed brands below:

Best Overall: Plexus 13-Ounce Interior Car Cleaner

“They will clean the tough surfaces, add luster, form an invisible protective coating to prevent scratches, rusting, and corrosion.”

Best with Budget: Chemical Guys 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Colorless, odorless, pH balanced, multipurpose, easy spray, all-surface cleaner.”

Best for Plastic: Nextzett 16.9 fl oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Protects from the sun, with more cleaners than usual, cleans dirt and dust to give a gleaming look to plastic parts, refreshing citrus fragrance.”

Best for Fabric: Griot’s Garage 35 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Fit for leather and vinyl, removes stains, all-in-one cleaner, contains no dye, oil, and grease-free finish.”

Best Disinfectant: Adam’s Microban 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Will disinfect all the surfaces, detailed interior, easy spray application, gives protection against bad odor.”

Best Polish: Armor All 16fl oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Cleans leather thoroughly, avoids cracking, and revives its quality by polishing with natural beeswax.”

Best UV Protectant: TriNova 18 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Will protect from harmful UV rays to leather, clean all surfaces except glass and remove stubborn stains magically in less than a minute.”

Best Eco-Friendly: Mothers 24 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Clears stains from upholstery and carpets, pH balanced, nature-friendly, cruelty-free, 1-min action, easy to use.”

Best Shine: KevianClean 24 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Non-greasy, multipurpose, sun protector and polish, to keep your leather and plastic car interior fresh and gleaming.”

Best All-Purpose: CarGuys 18 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Made with leak-proof nozzle, perfect for exterior and interior cleaning, leaves no greasy residue.”

Best for Leather: Leather Honey 32 Ounces Interior Car Cleaner

“With appropriate viscosity will nourish leather to last long, clean the material, seal nutrition, and make the surface shiny.”

Best for Seats: 3D 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Grease-free, deep cleansing formula, chemical-free, an essential accessory with fresh lemon fragrance.”

Best for Upholstery: Meguiar’s Professional-Strength Interior Car Cleaner

“Cleans the tough parts and fabrics, double nozzle for both narrow and wide area cleaning, non-greasy and affordable.”

Best for Detailing: Shine Armor 9.9 Ounces Interior Car Cleaner

“Oil-free finish with the desirable supply of protection, efficient enough to clean plastic, vinyl, fabric, and leather, easy to use design, will renew the look of the interior.”

Best for Dashboard: Sonax 16.9 oz Interior Car Cleaner

“Gives a matte finish to the dashboard, protects plastic and wooden parts, delightful scent, high foaming formula, no gloss effect.”

Interior Car Cleaner Comparison Chart

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Before purchasing the best interior car cleaner for your vehicle, you will have to consider a few factors like capacity, fragrance, suitability, brand, functions, etc., of the cleaner.

Try dredging out a product that offers fewer chemicals and optimum pH level to avoid damaging, fading, and corrosion of surfaces.







Plexus Protectant Interior Car Cleaner – Best Overall


Plastic, vinyl, glass 

Aerosol, Wax coating 

Shiny finish 

Cleaning, Protection, Polishing

Chemical Guys Odorless Interior Car Cleaner – Best Budget 


All surface 

Trigger spray, Low Foam 

Transparent finish 


Nextzett Cockpit Premium Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Plastic 

Citrus scent 

Plastic, finished leather 

Trigger spray 

Shine-free finish 


Griot’s Garage 35 Oz Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Stains 


Fabric, vinyl, leather 

Trigger spray 

No residue 


Adam’s Polishes Antimicrobial Interior Car Cleaner – Best Disinfectant 

Pleasant scent 

Non-porous surface 

Trigger spray 

OEM factory finish 

Cleaning, Protection, and Conditioning

Armor All Leather Interior Car Cleaner – Best Polish 

Pleasant scent 


Trigger spray, Beeswax 

Luxurious finish 

Cleaning, Protection, and Conditioning

TriNova Protectant Interior Car Cleaner – Best UV Protectant 

Clean scent 

Plastic, rubber, vinyl, finished leather, and trim 

Trigger spray 

Anti-static Matte finish 

Cleaning and Protection

Mothers All Fabric Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Fabric 

Clean scent 

All Fabrics 

Trigger spray 

True color revealing 


KevianClean Matte Finish Interior Car Cleaner – Best Eco-friendly 

Nice smell 

Vinyl, plastic, Bonded, PU, and Faux leather 

Trigger spray, Carnauba wax 

Matte Finish 

Cleaning, Protection, and Polishing

CarGuys Clear Finish Interior Car Cleaner – Best All-Purpose 

Light scent

Plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, fabric, and finished surfaces 

Trigger spray 



Leather Honey Chemical-Free Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Leather 


Leather, faux leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber 

Recappable, Concentrated liquid formula 



3D Car Care High Foam Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Seats 


All Fabric 

Squeeze bottle, high foam 

Optical brightener 

Cleaning and deodorizing

Meguiar’s Professional-Strength Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Upholstery 

Fresh smell 

All Fabric 

Trigger spray 

Dries clean 


Shine Armor Detailing Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Detailing 



Trigger spray 

Matte finish 

Cleaning, detailing, and restoring

Sonax Dust Repellent Interior Car Cleaner – Best for Dashboard 

Fresh smell 

Plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl 

Trigger spray 

OEM Matte finish 

Cleaning, detailing, and Protecting

Best All Purpose Cleaner For Car Interior 2022 Reviews: Top 15 Options

Choosing the best all purpose cleaner for a car interior could be frustrating with so many options on hand. We’re providing you with the 15 best products with their features, specifications, pros, and cons. Check out the top-notch products below for more details.

1. Plexus 13-Ounce Interior Car Cleaner

(Best Overall)

[amazon box=B00092CKN4] 

Plexus gives protection to all your plastic gears and interior parts of your car, cleaning all kinds of surfaces efficiently. It applies a thin coat of non-greasy wax protectant and makes all plastic surfaces lustrous.

You will not have to worry about dirt layering in your car as it seals the pores of the surface too. With its convenient aerosol applicator, none of the cleaners is wasted through dripping, leakage, or evaporation.

So, this product is a multi-purpose cleaner, and it would clean, polish, and protect your car interior space like a pro!

Key Features:

  • It contains 13 ounces of cleaner
  • Fragrance-free
  • No oil residue
  • Provides aerosol and wax coating
  • Anti-static


  • Lightweight and doesn’t layer on surfaces.
  • Easy to apply with the help of spray nozzle applicator
  • Appropriate for all kinds of plastic, vinyl, painted surfaces
  • Leaves no greasy residue


  • Expensive as compared to other products with similar features

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 20224
  • Capacity: 13 ounces
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Bottle Type: Spray Can
  • Brand: Plexus

2. Chemical Guys 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

black and silver bmw car steering wheel

(Best Budget)

[amazon box=B071ZTPRJL] 

With low-foam cleaning formula, this cleaner thoroughly cleans all kinds of surfaces, including plastic, fabric, vinyl, and even leather. You will spot no-residue after it’s application. Spray directly on the parts you want to clean, and the pH balanced cleaner will do its job perfectly.

The transparent spray will not stain your fabric and gently take out all the dirt. It’s safe to use on almost everything, as it comes in full-strength, dilute it with water for your soft fabric surface.

Key Features:

  • Odorless
  • Transparent mist spray can
  • Can be diluted according to needs
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • It contains no coloring agent and doesn’t stain.


  • pH balanced to avoid corrosion or to strip off of paint
  • Applies evenly with the help of spray
  • More effective cleaning due to low foam
  • Helps in Quick detailing and could be used on a regular basis


  • The packaging is not very professional-looking, and the can is difficult to open
  • Not completely odorless, as it leaves outdated, leather polish kind of smell

Product Specifications:

  • Model: SPI_993_16
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Weight: 1.1 pound
  • Bottle Type: Spray Can
  • Brand: Chemical Guys

3. Nextzett 16.9 fl oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Plastic)

[amazon box=B0002Z2MZ4] 

Manufactured by Nextzett, this silicone-free cleaner has a pleasant, citrus scent, which would make your car smell fantastic. Suitable for cleaning all plastic and colored surfaces, you can use this product even to clean coated leather.

If you are looking for a cleaner that profoundly cleans your armrest, upholstery, leatherette, navigation screen, etc., while protecting from the sun, this product is right for you:no glare, no shine, and invisible application.

Key Features:

  • Citrus scent
  • Blocks UV rays from contacting different surfaces
  • Leaves no residue
  • Silicone-free
  • It gives No shine, matte finish look


  • Works efficiently with a small amount
  • A light cleaner doesn’t damage your leather
  • Comes with sprayer for even application
  • Unnoticeable on surfaces, no gloss or shine effects


  • Very light cleaner for stubborn stains that are present at particular spots doesn’t dissolve strong dirt-spots too

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 92470515
  • Capacity: 16.9 ounces
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray nozzle bottle
  • Brand: Nextzett

4. Griot’s Garage 35 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Stains)

[amazon box=B00J5CVOZY] 

From carpet to seat leather does not and doorknobs to the steering wheel, this cleaner can clean everything. With no artificial scent, it contains no dye to alter the color of the fabric.

It could be easily used in the house as well for cleaning regular household stuff.Before application on leather, check by applying in a smaller region first.

The product leaves a protective layer behind, which repels dirt and avoids its accumulation on any surface. Even for the light-colored fabric, it works like magic and leaves no speck. Perfect for removing stains and stubborn spots.

Key Features:

  • No shiny or glossy finish
  • Contains no dye or color additives
  • Doesn’t fade the fabric
  • Suitable for hard surfaces as well
  • Cleans leatherette too


  • No greasy or oily residue after application
  • Protects from UV rays and helps to retain the quality of the fabric
  • Can be used around household
  • Easily remove stains from fabric in one go


  • Not suitable for after-market dyed leather and reacts with it, resulting in discoloration and patch formation

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 11104SP
  • Capacity: 35 ounces
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: Griot’s Garage

5. Adam’s Microban 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

black and gray car interior

(Best Disinfectant)

[amazon box=B006MYFB9S] 

This polish and interior detailer is an upgrade to your regular ones. It offers excellent protection against microbial buildup inside your car, upon the surfaces, and on different parts and doesn’t allow harmful bacteria to stay inside.

Coming in 4 combinations of fragrances and colors, you are given multiple options to choose the perfect match for your car. Adam’s Microban works effectively for all hard surfaces and soft fabrics, vinyl, and leather.

The cleaner and protectant builds a layer of ultra-thin invisible coating and kills any microbe that tries to enter the surface by destroying its cell-wall. A less burdening to the environment, this cleaner could be your ideal purchase.

Key Features:

  • Antimicrobial, Antibacterial Protection
  • Four color and fragrance combinations to choose from
  • Environment friendly
  • Leaves no excess residue
  • Anti-static


  • Blocks UV rays and prevents fading.
  • Polishes and details almost any surface without causing any damage
  • Even application with the spray reaches hard-to-spot areas too.
  • Easy to use, no technical knowledge required


  • More of a polisher than a cleaner, can’t pluck out dark and old stains.
  • Not applicable for heavy-duty usage

Product Specifications:

  • Model: L015
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: Adam’s Polishes

6. Armor All 16fl oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best Polish)

[amazon box=B0006302MM] 

Containing the goodness of real, natural beeswax, the Armor All polish cleans and protects your car’s interior and leaves no visible spots. Specially designed to take care of leather surfaces, it would clean, polish, and protect any kind of leather and fabric.

You no longer have to worry about the leather cracking up due to the sun or its discoloration; this product has it all covered.

Without compromising with the actual quality of the material and causing it any harm, the cleaner nourishes it with all-natural supplements. You will have to consider its slippery texture and not overapply it as it would take more time to dry off.

Key Features:

  • Contains natural beeswax
  • All-rounder product for leather
  • Equipped with a pleasant scent
  • Detailing and polishing features


  • Easy to use and handy product
  • It is evenly sprayed with the help of trigger spray
  • It doesn’t stain the leather and rejuvenates its overall look
  • Increases grip of the leather
  • Leather looks expensive with extra gloss


  • The excessive application might result in noticeable layering over the leather’s surface as the texture of the product is quite thick

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 18934
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: Armor All

7. TriNova 18 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best UV Protectant)

[amazon box=B00JIIZCM6] 

If you worry about your delicate car interior wearing off with time, those days are gone! Use TriNova cleaner as the best all purpose cleaner to clean and protect your car interior from harmful UV rays. The spray not only provides protection, but its 1-min cleaning formula takes out all kinds of obstinate dirt and stains with minimum effort.

For the protection of leather and all kinds of surfaces from cracking, fading, and discoloration, use this cleaner to give out the best results. It will repel dust and prevent it’s layering, and also give a smooth, matte finish.

Key Features:

  • Can be used directly through spray or wiped off using cloth
  • Fragrance-free
  • Doesn’t leave any tacky grease
  • Coats the surface and protects from UV rays


  • Can be used regularly for quick detailing
  • It helps you retain the original quality of the material
  • The cruelty-free cleaner contains all vegan substances
  • Anti-static and repels dirt avoids its accumulation on any surface


  • Couldn’t be used for cleaning glass or navigation screen
  • Doesn’t polish leather well, gives it a dull matte look

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 33534
  • Capacity: 18 ounces
  • Weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: TriNova

8. Mothers 24 oz Interior Car Cleaner

man in black jacket and blue denim jeans standing beside silver car

(Best Eco-Friendly)

Mothers 24 oz Interior Car Cleaner

[amazon box=B01M9GSPEA] 

For an interior car cleaner priced similarly, you might notice issues like fading the color of fabric and staining, but this product is a masterpiece.

The brand advice to spray it after brushing & vacuuming the desired area, wiping it off with the help of a micro towel. It pulls out the dirt very effectively and makes your whole cleaning process a cakewalk.

For a speckless, stain-free, clear, and smooth interior, Mother’s 24 oz cleaner is a perfect solution. With repetitive use, you will be able to take out all kinds of dirt. It is suitable for all kinds of vinyl, carpet, and sheepskin upholstery.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • pH balanced cleaner
  • min cleaning formula
  • Could be used for cleaning of household items too


  • Doesn’t contain abrasive chemicals and thus, safe for your skin
  • Safe for environment
  • Inexpensive as compared to other products offering similar services
  • Leaves no residue or stains


  • Not strong enough to clean extraordinarily stained and dirty carpets leaves old spots unaffected even after multiple applications

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 05424
  • Capacity: 24 ounces
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: Mothers

9. KevianClean 24 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best Shine)

[amazon box=B00TUDPXQ4] 

This lavender-scented cleaner is perfect for keeping your interior shiny and gleaming for a more extended period. It releases the actual color of the material and provides proper conditioning to all kinds of material. We like this as an option for the best all purpose cleaner for car interior of any type of fabric.

Providing a low gloss finish, the cleaner is very convenient to use and non-greasy. It protects your car from UV rays and gives it a newer looking finish. Made with almost all-natural ingredients and Carnauba wax, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Key Features:

  • Gives natural-looking finish
  • Apt for faux leather, furniture, airplane interior, plastic, boat, and vinyl
  • Freshening lavender scent
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed by Manufacturer
  • Made in the USA


  • It makes the interior look like new with all the shine induced
  • Protects from UV rays for an extended period
  • Prevents cracking, damage, loss of color in leather
  • User friendly in terms of ease it provides


  • The scent is quite strong; not advised if you are allergic to pungent smells

Product Specifications:

  • Model: KC-24-ID
  • Capacity: 24 ounces
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray, Carnauba wax
  • Brand: KevianClean

10. CarGuys 18 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best All-Purpose)

[amazon box=B071XB18BF] 

To replace and redesign your garage with less chemical-based cleaning products, choose this all-in-one cleaner formula. The brand supports and sponsors a highway safety initiative and is very reputed in the market.

Provides a well-spread UV defensive layer without any layering and prints. Cleans almost every part of your car interior while providing good reach.

Not only for the interior, but this cleaner works best for the exterior of the car too. It is an all-purpose cleaning solution in the real sense and will ensure thorough cleaning of your car with ease.

Key Features:

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • It contains no harmful chemicals and doesn’t generate fumes
  • It gives no gloss finish without tacky residues
  • The manufacturer guarantees a full refund in case of non-satisfaction


  • Works for all surfaces, multipurpose cleaner, and polish
  • Non-static doesn’t let dust stay attached to the surface
  • As it contains no toxic chemicals, your skin will remain protected.
  • Made in the USA


  • Not the best polishing product, the leather looks the same even after application.
  • It couldn’t be used to clean glass

Product Specifications:

  • Model: SC-18OZ-KIT
  • Capacity: 18 ounces
  • Weight: 1.12 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger Spray
  • Brand: CarGuys

11. Leather Honey 32 Ounces Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Leather)

[amazon box=B00HU6N3LK] 

Leather Honey is a combination of an age-old time tested recipe and contemporary developments. Specialized for leather, the cleaner works well for all kinds of material and gives protection for up to 6 months.

The liquid formula deep cleanses the leather by penetrating and forms a protective layer against cracking, fading, and other damages.

There is no need to brush or agitate the dirt; you only need to dilute the liquid, apply it gently, and wipe it off using a micro towel or cloth.

The cleaner will make your leather seats regain their quality, smelling nice and fresh. It is also applicable on vinyl and rubber parts.

Key Features:

  • Fragrance-free
  • Time tested cleaning formula
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • No need for intense rubbing and agitation
  • Product quality guaranteed by the manufacturer


  • Cleans leather of all colors without compromising its quality
  • It doesn’t stain the surface
  • Could be used on multiple surfaces, without worrying about paint
  • Non-greasy after effect


  • Expensive product and specially designed for leather, you might have to buy additional products for other surfaces

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 1A-3L4G-KNK7-CA
  • Capacity: 4 ounces
  • Weight: 0.25 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Recappable, Concentrated liquid
  • Brand: Leather Honey

12. 3D 16 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Seats)

[amazon box=B0007RVL7M] 

This fantastic and unique product will leave you spellbound. The 3D interior cleaner is a perfect degreaser and detailer for your car. Besides filling your space with delightful fragrance, it will make your car look brand new with its professional-looking detailing operation.

Use it for upholstery, fabric, leather seats, navigation screen, or any other part; the results will not dishearten you.

Made of 100% biodegradable constituents, it will not cause reaction or damage to your vehicle. Choose this product to experience a wide range of effortless operations relating to your car care.

Key Features:

  • 100% biodegradable constituents
  • Optical brightener
  • Suitable for all kinds of fabric
  • It gives out a fresh lemon scent
  • Polishes and details the interior of the car


  • It is a water-based product, thus non-reactive, and contains minimal chemical substances
  • Leaves no residues behind, giving smoothest finish possible
  • Easy to use, just apply, brush, and rinse off
  • Refreshes the look of a car from both inside and outside


  • More of shampoo than polish & doesn’t give enough protection against the sun.
  • It doesn’t add shine to leather

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 6313158
  • Capacity: 16 Ounces
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Bottle Type: High foam, squeeze bottle
  • Brand: 3D Car Care

13. Meguiar’s 20.5 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Upholstery)

[amazon box=B000AMLWH8] 

The mist spray has a wide area of applicability. It finds all hard-to-see areas, reaches them, dissolves the stains and dust, and pulls them out.

Without leaving any grease behind, it dries quickly and gives your car a look it had at the time of purchase. An installed double nozzle will help you clean spots as well as stretch- areas with ease.

At this price, you won’t find a product as strong as this. No need to apply pressure or to rub for long; the cleaner will pluck dirt and oils easily from upholstery and the toughest of surfaces. Will leave your car smelling fresh and ready to have guests.

Key Features:

  • Specialized for thorough cleaning of carpet and upholstery
  • Can target narrow spots or general area
  • Light mist spray
  • Aerosol spray with a refreshing scent


  • It dries off quickly, and you don’t need any blow dryer or fan arrangements
  • Not expensive even though it cleans all kinds of material
  • The cleaner is strong, and a little amount will help you clean a large area
  • Perfect for deep cleaning, it penetrates the pores and plucks out dirt
  • It doesn’t layer as viscosity is significantly less


  • It doesn’t give enough protection after use & you need to buy polish to protect the leather and other delicate parts

Product Specifications:

  • Model: G9719
  • Capacity: 20.5 ounces
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Aerosol trigger spray
  • Brand: Meguiar’s

14. Shine Armor 9.9 Ounces Interior Car Cleaner

white Ford Mustang coupe

(Best for Detailing)

[amazon box=B07T4JPRGD] 

As the name suggests, this cleaner is the armor to your car interior. If you don’t want to invest in professional detailing now and then, buy this product and easily do it at home.

Awarding you with the best possible shine, Shine Armor interior car cleaner and detailer will also protect surfaces from UV rays.

The best item to clean and polish your car interior. It gives a lustrous finish and repels dust too. Just spray on a microfiber towel and wipe off the grease and stain in no time. Designed explicitly for detailing, you will get a car that looks new.

Key Features:

  • Latest nanotechnology
  • Dust-resistant and repellent
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Suitable for all kind of surfaces


  • A pleasant citrus fragrance to freshen your mood and remove the outdated, typical polish scent
  • All-purpose product- cleans, protects, and polishes
  • It contains no harmful chemicals and won’t cause you skin allergies
  • Anti-static, it doesn’t let dirt stay on the surface for long
  • Leaves no oily residue or layer


  • Less quantity provided as compared to the cost. You can find better and advanced products at this price range

Product Specifications:

  • Model: Not specified
  • Capacity: 9.9 ounces
  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
  • Bottle Type: Trigger spray
  • Brand: Shine Armor

15. Sonax 16.9 oz Interior Car Cleaner

(Best for Dashboard)

[amazon box=B0045I8V8G]

The product should be carefully used on only rigid surfaces like plastic, rubber, or vinyl. Don’t use it on glass, leather, etc. With a high foaming feature, the cleaner leaves no visible specs behind.

Key Features:

  • Silicone-free
  • Solvent-free
  • It gives no gloss look with a matte finish
  • Static-free and so, effective to repel dust
  • Fresh fragrance


  • The spray formula helps in spreading the liquid evenly doesn’t form layering
  • Specially designed for your car’s dashboard
  • It gives a professionally detailed look to the dashboard
  • Contains no abrasive chemicals to discolor or react with the surface


  • It couldn’t be used on steering, glass or leather. Doesn’t increase the optical brightness of cloth materials

Product Specifications:

  • Model: 283241
  • Capacity: 16.9 ounces
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Bottle Type: Trigger spray
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Ultimate Buying Guide On Best Interior Car Cleaners

Maintaining your car with a quality cleaner or detailer can help you out. There’s a plentitude of such products out there but, what you need is a product that suits your specific needs. Here are some factors you ought to consider before buying the best interior car cleaner.


A car interior is made up of several parts such as dashboard, window panes, seats, carpet and so on that need cleaning. You need to use the appropriate cleaner as few are not suitable to glass or some can only be used on fabric.

If you have specific stains or stubborn spots it is best to go for cleaners specific to clean that particular material.


The cleaners come in different forms for convenient dispersal such as spray liquid and foam. Similarly, you can also classify the cleaners based on their composition such as wax based. Depending on your need you must choose the right kind of cleaner.

UV Protection

Sun could cause fading and discoloration of your car interior and cause cracking of the leather as well. To protect your car’s interior from all such implicated damages, choose a cleaner that forms an invisible layer of protection over various surfaces.


Some people are allergic to pungent smells and odors. Keeping that in mind, find a scent-free product or which diffuses fresh fragrance inside your car.

Shine And Resistance To Grease

Depending on your car’s brand, the interior could incipiently have a matte finish or gloss one. Some products might offer a little shine for leather to make it look factory-polished; choose wisely. Don’t buy a product that gives a tacky, oily finish to the matte surface or leaves a residue.


Viscosity is a characteristic of a liquid that measures how easily it can flow. More viscosity is apt for a leather polish containing wax to form a protective layer, but for a cleaner, it would form an oily layer over the surface.

Get a product that is viscous enough to coat the leather but, at the same time, sufficiently flowy to pull out dirt from other surfaces without over-layering.

Chemical Content

The more chemicals a cleaner has, the more hazardous it will be for your health and the environment. Look for a cleaner that is made of natural, biodegradable substances that is efficient in wiping off stubborn stains with ease.

Rinse Or Rinse-Free

For leather and vinyl, a rinse cleaner is suitable as it would be easily wiped off of such surfaces due to their smooth finish. Vinyl can hold moisture, which would reduce its quality, so it’s best to rinse the cleaner properly.

For nylon and polyester, go for a rinse-free product as the water would just dry automatically, and you won’t need to blow it dry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need an all-purpose cleaner for my car interior?

All-purpose cleaners are versatile and effective at removing various stains, dirt, and grime from different surfaces inside your car.

What types of surfaces can I clean with an all-purpose cleaner for car interiors?

You can use these cleaners on surfaces like leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric, carpet, and more.

Are these cleaners safe for all car interior materials?

Most all-purpose cleaners are formulated to be safe for use on a wide range of car interior materials, but it’s essential to check the product’s label for compatibility with your specific surfaces.

How do I choose the best all-purpose cleaner for my car interior?

Consider factors like the type of surfaces you’ll be cleaning, any specific cleaning needs you have, and your personal preferences, such as fragrance or eco-friendliness.

Are these cleaners effective at removing tough stains, like coffee spills or ink marks?

Many all-purpose cleaners are designed to tackle tough stains, but the effectiveness can vary. Look for products with stain-removing capabilities for such tasks.

Our Top Pick

After carefully considering and reviewing the Best Interior Car Cleaners of 2022, our top pick is Plexus 13-Ounce Interior Car Cleaner. This cleaner is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and surfaces and does a fantastic job in overall interior detailing.

As it is an All-in-one cleaner, you won’t need any additional products. Just spray and wipe with a microfiber towel and all the work like cleaning, removing stains, polishing, and conditioning are done.

We hope our recommended list helps you find the best all purpose cleaner for your car interior. Stop wasting your time and money on costly professional cleaning and detailing appointments, bring a cleaner home, and do the job yourself without any hassle.

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