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How To Hotwire A Car – Simple Guide

Wondering about how to hotwire a car? In basic terms, hotwiring is a process whereby you bypass the switch mechanism by simply joining a series of wires in an attempt to start a car without keys. This process comes in handy in situations where you lost your car keys or other relatable emergencies.

Technically, hotwiring a car can be a risky adventure without the proper knowledge. it is also not as easy as it is usually played out in movies. Hotwiring is a usual practice in old modeled vehicles before the development of improved antitheft technologies. However, the step-by-step guide below on how to hotwire a car will provide helpful tips, especially if you still drive an old model vehicle.

How To Hotwire A Car

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Hotwiring is a subtle method of starting a car without keys and requires a relatively technical process. In situations where you lost your car keys or during an emergency, hotwiring the vehicle might become the only viable option. However, this method only works on older cars. Especially those that are manufactured before and during the early 1990s. To hotwire a car, follow the steps below.

Step 1

After legally entering the vehicle you want to hotwire; the first step is to carefully unscrew the clips holding the plastic cover of the steering column.

Step 2

Remove plastic cover of the steering column and pull out the panels for better access and a clear view.

Step 3

Locate the wiring harness connection for the ignition switch among the bunch of electrical wires. Typically, this is the most important aspect of the hotwiring process. The electrical wire usually consists of three main bundle. Selecting the wrong combination might cause serious damage to the car engine.

Step 4

Locate the ignition switch and pull out of the three wire bundles in the steering column. The electrical wire combinations typically consist of a bundle leading to the column control. Another bundle leading to the column-mounted control; and a bundle leading to the battery, starter and ignition.

Step 5

Move aside the electrical wire bundle that leads to the battery, starter and ignition. Then use the owners manual as a guide to carefully separate the wires according to their functions. Ignition wires are usually brown while battery wires are often red in color. However, it is important you look through a manual guide. To eliminate error in selection that can cause issues like electrocution or fire outbreak.

Step 6

Using a plier, strip some part the battery, ignition and starter’s insulation respectively. Thereafter, connect both the battery and ignition wires together; leaving the start wire separately isolated to avoid any form of contact.

Step 7

At this stage, the vehicle’s ignition should be on as long as the battery and ignition wires are rightly connected. 

Step 8

With the ignition already on, pull the isolated starter cable and carefully spark it against the battery cable. By applying the sparking process intermittently, the car will eventually start.

Step 9

With car engine already running and raring to go; breaking the locked steering column is the last step to take to achieve a successful hotwiring process. Although this feature is model-specific, you must break the steering lock before you can drive a hotwired vehicle normally without problems. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it legal to hotwire a car?

Hotwiring a car is illegal in most jurisdictions, as it involves unauthorized access to and operation of a vehicle. It is considered theft and can lead to criminal charges.

Why would someone want to know how to hotwire a car?

While the information on how to hotwire a car is available, it is essential to use this knowledge responsibly. It can be useful for emergency situations, but it is primarily intended for educational purposes.

What is hotwiring, and how does it work?

Hotwiring a car involves bypassing the ignition system to start the engine without a key. It typically requires connecting wires to specific parts of the vehicle’s electrical system to initiate ignition.

Can you hotwire any car, or are there limitations to this method?

The ability to hotwire a car may vary depending on the make, model, and age of the vehicle. Newer cars often have advanced anti-theft measures that make hotwiring extremely challenging.

What are the risks and consequences of attempting to hotwire a car illegally?

Attempting to hotwire a car illegally can lead to criminal charges, including auto theft, and may result in fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record.

Are there any legal or legitimate reasons to hotwire a car?

Legitimate reasons for hotwiring a car are typically limited to emergency situations, such as when you are locked out of your vehicle or in a life-threatening situation where you need to move the car.

Closing remarks

Hotwiring is a method of starting a vehicle without keys. This process only works on old model vehicles; as modern cars are built with massive security modifications to reduce theft. Hotwiring process requires a certain degree of technicality; as it poses a risk to personal safety and the car’s wellness if it is not properly carried out. However, it is a useful method to adopt during emergencies, especially for people that drive an old model car.

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