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How To Get Stains Out Of Car Seats

Wondering how to get stains out of car seats? Car seat stains are unpleasant and can damage your vehicle’s interior outlook. It takes a lot of effort to maintain as it is the most used part of the car interior. Occupants or passengers often leave different types of dirt like food crumbs, spilled drinks, and other trash items on the car seats which ultimately result in a nasty stain over time.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to remove stains from car seats and restore the car value without causing any damage. 

How Can I Remove Stains From My Car Seats?

As important as having a car interior free of stains is, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain due to its high susceptibility to stains. The reason for this is not farfetched as cars are what most people rely on for everyday transport activities. It is a usual practice for people to eat, drink as well as do other things during rides; and the aftermath of these activities always leaves a nasty and undesirable stain on the car seats. Identifying the source of the stains is a good way to start as stains from blood or vomits tend to be tough to remove.

To get started, the below items should be readily available.

  • Microfiber cloths 
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hand gloves
  • Spray bottles
  • Scrub brush
  • Car upholstery cleaner(preferably homemade)

With the above equipment on the ground, let’s proceed with the steps to remove car seat stains.

Step 1: Vacuum The Car Seats

Vacuuming the car upholstery will remove all the visible specks of dust as well as debris on the car seats. Also, it is an important step to soften the layers of the upholstery in preparation for deeper cleaning. This process should be carried out in the entire part of the vehicle’s interior to have a neat surface to work on and also not to rub more dirt on the existing stain.

Step 2: Apply The Upholstery  Cleaner

This step is the most important part of the stain removal process. Now that you have a clear view of the stain after thoroughly vacuuming the car interior, the next step is to apply a cleaner to work out the stain on the car seats. A homemade cleaning agent is preferable as the chemical ones mostly contain strong chemicals that can discolor or deteriorate the car seats. Homemade cleaners can be produced using household materials like vinegar which is filled into a spray bottle. Once you have a dependable cleaner of your choice ready, apply it to the stained surface and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Step 3 : Blot and Scrub the Stain

This is also an essential part of the process and should be carried out with caution. With the cleaning agent already applied, blotting the stain is done to draw the stains from the seat. Use the microfiber cloth, gently rub the stain surface until the area gets dry and stain free. Scrubbing on the other hand is usually carried out in cases of stubborn stains. However, blotting should always be done before scrubbing is performed. This is because a wet stain tend to bind into the fibers of the car seat when scrubbed and this could worsen the situation.

Step 4 : Allow The Seats To Dry

Wipe the surface you just work on with a microfiber cloth to remove any remnants of moisture. Give the vehicle interior an a mole time to dry by opening up the windows and doors. The vehicle can be parked under the sun and in cases where you need the vehicle soon, a fan can be placed in the car to fast-track the process.

Final words

We have come to the end of this informative article. We do hope the write up has given you reliable resources in your quest to know how you can get stains out of your car seats. For feedback and questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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