Best Underglow Lights for Cars: Add Some Sparkle To Your Ride!

Photography of Gray Sports Car

Car under glow lights refers to customized car accessories made with LED lights. These lights enhance the aesthetics of your car and make it noticeable from far away. However, there are also Neon car under-glow lights but they are not so popular because of their gas built. 

Though car lights underglow are not a necessity for your car,  they add a unique look to your car. The under-glow car lights also provide safety while driving the car. On highway roads, sometimes horns and headlights are not enough to avoid accidents. That’s where car lights under-glow are needed. Besides, for people who are passionate about cars and want to increase the appearance of their cars in dramatic way, car under-glow lights are the best for them. 

Now, you may think that how and where you can get these products. Here I will show you some of the best car lights underglow and the criteria to follow while buying them.

How We Select The Best For You?

Underglow car lights are the best way to add some spark to your vehicle. But when you purchase car lights underglow there are some things you have to follow. Following these factors are necessary because an automobile is a big investment. So, you have to buy customized products for their worth. Here is how we select the best car underglow lights for you.

First of all, LED lights for car underglow must be water resistant. As these lights are installed and mounted in the exterior part of your car, they can be damaged by water. So, when buying led lights for car underglow, you should choose the ones with water resistance ratings such as  IP66, IP67 or etc. 

Then, the number of lights in a package is an important concern. If you want the best look for your automobile, you have to cover the entire underbody of the car with under glow lights. So, you will need more than 6 to 10 lights to decorate the whole area. Choose the lights that come with more lights in one package.

Lastly, the quality of  LEDs in the lights. The better the quality of the LED, the more spark will be added to you car’s aesthetics.

We have done thorough research on  LED lights for car underglow and selected 5 best under car LED lights. These under glow lights for cars match the above criteria.  

Top 5 Best Underglow Lights For Car

Sanwo Underglow Kit for Cars Trucks 

Sanwo Underglow Kit for Cars Trucks is a great choice for LED lights for car underglow. It is also one of the top options for the best underbody lights for trucks. This under-glow kit comes with 6 lights as a package and is 325 inches in length. That means you can easily cover your car’s underbody with it.

Made with ultra-powerful LED stripes, this under-glow kit is the perfect companion for your vehicle. It provides you with 142 dynamic lighting variations and 18 different musical sync mods. You will see around 18 million colors when you light it while driving your car. Let’s see the pros and cons of this item:


  • Waterproof
  • Flexible LED strips
  • Bluetooth support
  • Powerful LED gives super bright visual


  • A bit complex installation 
  • Bluetooth connection fails sometimes.

LED Rock Lights 6-Pods RGB Colorful Underglow Kit

LED Rock Lights Underglow Kit is one of the best under-car lights. Made with 5050 RGB LED, this under-glow kit gives ultra-bright visuals to your car. You can easily control it with Bluetooth and an app. You can set the mods up to your personal taste with 15 mods. 

This LED Rock Lights Underglow Kit has 8 color options which can show 16 million color variations. It has a lifetime of 10000 hours and an IP68 waterproof rating. Your car will be shining like a bright star with a wonderful under-glow kit. The pros and cons of this product are: 


  • Has a long lifetime.
  • Suitable for every type of vehicle’s underbody.
  • Less costly.
  • Easily controllable with Bluetooth and remote.


  • Only have directional light.
  • The length is a little bit shorter than other brands.

Xprite Double Row RGB LED Car Underglow Bluetooth Lights Strip

Enhance your car’s aesthetic with Xprite Car Under Lights. This kit is a top-notch choice for LED lights for car underglow because it gives your car high-quality brightness with its High-Intensity SMD 5050 LED Chips. It provides superfast functionality with 8 preset colors and 4 types of lighting effects. 

You can easily set the lighting environment with Xprite Car Under lights because it comes with 4 types of sound effects. It is super flexible and can be controlled from a 100ft distance. This super fun yet classy under-glow light for cars is both heat and water-resistant. Let’s see its pros and cons:


  • Very easy to install and mount.
  • Waterproof and heat resistant.
  • Sound sensitive.
  • Uniform Lighting


  • Only 4 pieces of light in one package.
  • Fewer color options.

Chipcolor Aluminum Alloy RGB LED Rock Lights

Complement your car’s underbody appearance with Chipcolor LED Rock Lights. This high-brightness and colorful under-glow light bead has multiple color and music mods. This under-glow car light is the best under-car LED light in terms of water resistance because it is made with high-quality aluminum alloy.

With Chipcolor LED Rock Lights, you can decorate your car according to your own taste because you can put the light beads anywhere you want. You can control and adjust light and music mods as per your mood with 3 controllable methods. The major pros and cons of this product are:


  • Highly waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  • Extra firm installation
  • Smooth switch between different mods.
  • Suitable for almost all types of vehicles.


  • Expensive.
  • Sometimes the control system hangs.

OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit 

Increase the aura of your car with this OPT7 Aura Underglow Lighting Kit. This package of under-glow lights comes with 8 pieces of LED bars which have 252 LEDs. That’s why this under-glow lighting kit is the best because it provides you with the brightest and most colorful visuals.

This kit is not only the best under car LED lights but also the best underbody lights for trucks. It has endless color mods and the best sound-syncing adaptability. So you can enjoy music with graceful lighting while driving your car. The major pros and cons of this lighting kit are:


  • Very durable.
  • Highly waterproof.
  • Response to door opening with blue lighting.
  • Easy control and installation.
  • High brightness.


  • Not so flexible.
  • Quite expensive.

These are the top 5 best car under-glow lighting tools that are really worth the money. Now, it is up to you which one to buy. Read the pros and cons of all the products before purchasing any. 


Car appearance is one of the most important concerns for car lovers. LED lights for car under-glow surely enhance your car’s outer look. However, this type of lighting is prohibited in some countries. So, when you buy a car light underglow kit always try to check its legality. The above-mentioned car under-glow lights are some best options in this regard. Choose one of them.